Tuesday, April 8, 2008

A younger me.

As I created my blog, I thought about what I should write my first entry about, since nothing recently has happened that someone else has already written about. Then I thought, "What better than me when I was little!" So I searched through some old pictures and decided to post this picture to the left. I don't have too many memories from when I was a young pup, but I do remember that I loved cars and construction trucks/tractors. I used to play with my little cousin Austin almost everyday, and we played a lot with chalk, riding bikes, and even stepping on every stink bug we could find so it would spray this purple stuff at us. Ultimately we both decided that playing with toy cars was our favorite thing to do, and boy would we play with those cars for hours and hours. Not only did I have an obsession for cars, but also Cowboys which this picture proves my point. I even made a home video of me with the name Jake the Cowboy. In the movie I fight off various "bad guys" from the playset in my backyard, and in the end get mad at my brother for taking me hostage. (which was not in the script). All in all I was a crazy litte kid who loved watching Hard Hat Harry everyday, and would sometimes do nothing but watch my older brother play Outlaws on the computer.