Wednesday, June 18, 2008

From Phily to Kill Devil Hills to Atlanta to Midvale.

Some of you may have heard me talk about the burger joint called Five Guys, and how it is the best restaurant on the face of the earth. Anyway, last summer I went on a back east road trip with my dad and brother Justin, and our favorite dinner stop was Five Guys. We went to the locations in Philadelphia, PA. Kill Devil Hills (Outer Banks) NC, and Atlanta, GA. However, this winter we found out that Five Guys was going to come to Utah. A couple days ago my dream came true and we went to the grand opening of Five Guys in Midvale, Utah. It was DELICIOUS!!! Please go check it out it! and to all of you In-N-Out people A.K.A. Californians, yes there is a burger joint better and its name is FIVE GUYS! heres there website

Philadelphia, PA

Kill Devil Hills, NC

Atlanta, GA

Midvale, UT

Friday, June 13, 2008

Viva Las Vegas

This past week I've been in Las Vegas with my family. We stayed in the MGM Signature, It was probably the nicest hotel I've ever stayed in. It includes: a Kitchen with oven and full size fridge, doorbell, two plasma screen t.v.'s, huge master bathroom with a t.v. that you can watch while you shower, all in all its an amazing hotel. This week has been full of spending time at the pool and just hangin' around good ol' Las Vegas. Everyday we woke up and went to the pool to catch some rays, then get lunch and go out on the town. We even had the chance to go on the New York New York roller coaster! It was so much fun, I almost puked from laughing so hard at the noise Justin was making then got his picture taken, realized what happened, and showed me what he was doing when the roller coaster took his picture, and suddenly another picture was taken of him imitating what he was doing in the first picture. Even though Vegas isn't my favorite place on earth, I still had a great time there spending time with my family

Saturday, June 7, 2008

Street Legal.

As I woke up lying in my bed yesterday, I was thinking of how I was going to spend my fourth day of summer. I then remembered that my mom was going to take me to the Driver License Division in West Valley to take my learners permit test. I jumped out of bed and ran down the stairs to get my mom to take me. She called the DLD to see what we had to bring, but they never took her off hold so she pushed the information on learners permits button and it told her to take a birth certificate, parent signature, Social Security card or tax information with my name on it. Since we couldn't find my SS card we took the tax information instead. Once we got to the DLD in way out west Taylorsville the lady told us that we HAD to have my SS card and we couldn't use the tax information. My mom and I decided to go to the SS offices in downtown Salt Lake City, once we got there we talked to the worker and he gave me my new card, and we were off. Another DLD location is at the fairgrounds right next to where we were in Salt Lake City. We got there and the receptionist gave us a number, so we waited. We waited for about an hour till our number was called, and we made our way up to the station they called us to. We talked to the worker and he filled out information and told me which computer to go to and my password. As I approached my computer I hoped that I would pass the test, then I sat down and started the test. As I answered my last question I though "Wow I didn't get better than 80% I'm going to have to take this again... UGH" I hesistated then hit the submit button and crossed my fingers. As the new screen popped up the first thing I saw was a green bar that said "Congratulations you've passed! 86% 43 out of 50" then I took a sigh of relief stood up and walked over to the counter where the guy took my card and took my picture. I stood up waited for my permit to finish printing and then left with my mom.... I'm now street legal. Look out Sandy, UT.

Monday, June 2, 2008

School's over! Time for summer.

Today at 3:05 exactly in Indian Hills Middle School the fifth period bell rang. As I frantically tried to finish signing someone's yearbook I realized that I will never have to wake up and take a bus to good ol' Indian Hills. I've been there for three years and I'm kinda happy to be moving on to Alta. I've had a really good time going to Indian Hills, I learned a lot of things at that school and its been my home for the past three years. I'm really excited for Alta! its going to be a blast I can't wait! It still hasn't hit me that I'm going to be a sophomore at Alta and taking Drivers Ed on monday at Brighton. Its funny how I've been waiting a long time to be in High School and driving and all that stuff and now its finally my turn.