Wednesday, June 18, 2008

From Phily to Kill Devil Hills to Atlanta to Midvale.

Some of you may have heard me talk about the burger joint called Five Guys, and how it is the best restaurant on the face of the earth. Anyway, last summer I went on a back east road trip with my dad and brother Justin, and our favorite dinner stop was Five Guys. We went to the locations in Philadelphia, PA. Kill Devil Hills (Outer Banks) NC, and Atlanta, GA. However, this winter we found out that Five Guys was going to come to Utah. A couple days ago my dream came true and we went to the grand opening of Five Guys in Midvale, Utah. It was DELICIOUS!!! Please go check it out it! and to all of you In-N-Out people A.K.A. Californians, yes there is a burger joint better and its name is FIVE GUYS! heres there website

Philadelphia, PA

Kill Devil Hills, NC

Atlanta, GA

Midvale, UT


Lisa said...

Now when you want a Five Guys burger you don't need to dream about it you can just go there!

robyn said...

Yes I am a Californian and yes I do like In n Out better. But only because my favorite thing about a hamburger is not tasting the meat. I just like to taste bread and pickles! so that to me is why in n out is better because there patty's are so thin that you can barely taste them! Five guys was good though... I will admit that!

Justin said...

Oh how glorious. Five Guys is wonderful.

Best thing about a hamburger is not being able to taste the meat? Yet another reason In N Out is supremely overrated.

Patrick Davies said...

Best trip ever jake...

Hey Jake, I have a new blogspot:

Anonymous said...

wrong blogger. This is my right blogger.